Lilly Byrne is a 14 year old with a vision. Since she was 5, she was committed to creating a company that provides healthy food options in a convenient and affordable way. Her goal is to put McDonald’s out of business.

“I want my customers to live a peaceful and stress-free life that centers around healthy food choices” -Lilly Byrne, President

To accomplish this, Lilly started her own healthy vending company, Love To Go To Lilly’s.  When you make a purchase from one of her healthy vending machines you not only make an investment in the dream of a kid entrepreneur but you also help her save for college and personally commit to happier and healthier lifestyle.

Lilly is an 8th grade student at Weaver Middle School next fall and is a member of Ohio Coralinas Synchronized Swimming Team who will compete at the Junior Olympics this July.

Lilly recently completed the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, a 30 week program that teaches middle and high schoolers how to start their own business.  Participating kids analyze the market, conduct research, develop and perfect their ideas by creating business and marketing plans (complete Profit & Loss statements, goals and projections).  The program culminates with over 1500 young entrepreneurs competing across the nation in their local “shark-tank” style investor pitches.  The top 100 kids move on to the National Semifinals, held each year at Rochester Institute of Technology.  Lilly was the runner-up in the Northeast Regional Semi-final and advanced to the finals where she delivered her pitch to an audience of over 400, eventually finishing 7th nationally.

On May 5th, 2017, Lilly advanced to the finals in the national YEA! competition.

How Did We Get Here?

Four years ago, my then 11 year-old daughter Lilly discovered her passion for healthy eating—something not very common among kids. She began to talk about building a business that actually centered around helping people make healthier choices in snacks and meals.

When Lilly visited an office one day and noticed the vending machines with unhealthy snack offerings, that’s when Love to Go to Lilly’s was born. She asked my help and guidance in setting up “vending” stations for businesses that offered healthy choices. In a world full of distractions, electronic and otherwise, the opportunity not just to spend, but to invest quality time with my daughter in these pre-teen years was too great to pass up.

File Jan 31, 9 23 17 PMAs a business owner and as a parent, I see Love to Go to Lilly’s as more than just a means to help my daughter gain practical, real world experience and even earn money for her future. Rather, it has become a channel through which I can connect with my daughter on a deeper level, and also help other parents teach their kids that they can do well for themselves by meeting the needs of others. This is the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven mankind for thousands of years and made this nation great; it is also a practical part of life and living that is not taught in schools.

When kids say, “Why do I need to learn this?” when referring to various important subjects, we at Lilly’s are endeavoring to provide tools and information that you can share with your child that will help them make that connection. We want more kids to discover that reality of “Find a need and fill it,” and in doing so, they too, can get what they want!

As parents, we all struggle to compete with the endless distractions—and even the unhealthy influences—that the world offers. Helping my daughter Lilly build Lilly’s has been one of the most joyful experiences of being a dad and a business professional. If you are interested in having a similar experience with your son or daughter, I invite you to contact us for future updates. We are considering introducing a turn-key program that will give you everything you need to ignite a spark in your child, and help them to discover the joy of doing well for themselves by doing good for others.

Warm Regards,

Matthew Byrne                          Lilly Byrne


BEE HEALTHY!Lilly Portrait416x462


Kind Bar, 2.0
Super Healthy Energy Food (way better than a candy bar)

Cliff’s Builders Bar, 2.0
With 20 grams of protein, this is your work-outs best friend

Caveman Bars, $2.00


Skinny Pop, $1
Enjoy it, you’ve earned it.  Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, 39 CAL per cup!

Boom Chicka Pop, $1
At 35 CAL per cup, splurge, have two.


Veggie Straws, $1
Get your daily veggies, all natural and NO trans fats

Better Sweet Potato Chips, $1

Whole Grain, sprouted Quinoa & China, Non GMO, Gluten Free $1.50


BAI Gluten Free Jamaica Blood Orange, $2.00

COCO Libra Coconut Water, $2.25

Vintage Sparkling Lime, $1

Vintage Sparkling Cucumber, $1

Vintage Sparkling Grapefruit, $1



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